We Create Value

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to expand your product line.

Nello provides you with options to expand your current line up, we specialize in giving you up-to-date market information and help you give your clients the best products to compete in the ever-changing market.


Service & Communication is what makes us exceptional to our competitors

Your Manufacturing Partner

We design all in one solutions for the complex needs of

the (Action/Dash) camera industry.

Agile & Lean


We have established our own manufacturing lines to increase or Agility to adjust and produce products on demand. Giving you the upper-hand on new solutions.

Quality Control

Our In-House Quality Control will give you the assurance that all our products will be functioning when arriving at your place.

We Pride ourselves that we are able to attain all the required Certificates for International Companies & Markets.


Before Delivery, all our products will go under strict quality control before send out.

Our Delivery is Agile & Lean, giving you multiple options depending on your deadline.


We are here to help you, not argue with you.

Fair Price Policy

“Buying Peanuts, Get Monkeys”

At Nello, we hope you can understand that Quality comes with a Pricetag. Our warranty & pride comes from our service and confidence on our own strict policies.

As for everything, we will give you the fairest price for your premium products.


Value is something that is created, Nello’s Value is that we are there to help you find solution.

Making it easier & faster for you, a better communication and nights where you can rest up easily without worrying about your deadlines or quality of the products.

Body Waterproof

4K @ 60 FPS

Depth of Down to 30 Meters Underwater.

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Your Manufacturing Partner

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Email: ivan@nello.cn


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