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The Nello Platform

At Nello we want to revolutionize the way we communicate with our partners. A system where we can protect your and our information on the world wide web while giving you what you need.


A direct platform with all the information and specification of products, a platform where u can order a sample directly without first contacting our sales. a Platform where u can compare products to one and another and giving you access to all our latest news and products. 


We are working hard to give you the new generation of manufacturing services in the World. We look forward to partner up with you in the future.

We're working on an innovative platform

Giving You:

-All in One platform for all your Nello Sourcing Needs.

-Obtain DIRECT information regarding our Products

-Be the First to get Sneak Peaks on New Products

-Direct Sample Order System

-Priority Service

Your 240 FPS, 4K, Reliable Action Camera
B1KS+ Specification

B1KS+ vs GoPro 6

B1KS+ Timelapse

B1KS+ Slowmotion

Toughness Redefined

The "F4" is Water Proof Dust Proof Fall Proof
F4 - Promotional Video

Raw Footage 1

Raw Footage 2

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